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Languages: English, Русский

Genres: detective, fiction, war


You wake up in a completely unfamiliar place without any memories of yourself surrounded by hostile soldiers. What is that like?

The male protagonist gets a nickname Nemo and is forced to investigate a cruel crime in exchange for the Commander’s patronage. To solve the case, he joins the elite squad of soldiers and he needs to get the trust of his comrades in order to find the culprit. However, what if the murder hides even more secrets and solved mysteries will only raise new questions? Will his new comrades become his companions or enemies?

Nemo will have to not only investigate the crime but also learn to live in this new world and decide which side he is on in the military conflict.


      ► A chance to experience two opposite sides of a military conflict

Nemo. The first main character is Nemo, the guy with amnesia. He was interrogated and then under the Commander’s protection, he joined a squad of young soldiers to spy and then investigate a crime.

Lien. The second main character’s name is Lien; he is just entering adolescence. Lien is a representative of the enemy side. Through his point of view, the player sees a completely different life on the other side of the barricades.

      ► Unique and interesting characters

The characters are not perfect, they have a lot of unique features (both comedic and dramatic), and habits and their behaviour is unpredictable.

      ► Secretly investigate the mysterious crime and search for clues

Guilty Parade is a detective story where you have to investigate a cruel crime. Find clues, make your choices and follow the story to find the culprit.

      ► Move around locations

There are quite a lot of locations in the game. It will be possible to move around the main building not by using a map, but in a more interesting way.

      ► Search for objects and interact with characters

Guilty Parade is an interactive visual novel with point-and-click elements. Minor characters have an important role in Guilty Parade. If you wish, you can learn more about their story and personality by interacting with them. Moreover, they can give you some hints that will help you solve the crime.

      ► 20+ hours of gameplay

You can enjoy a story full of dynamic scenes and amazing art. While playing the game you decide which side of the military conflict you want to support. Events vary greatly depending on your choices. You should try really hard in order to learn everything about everyone. Sometimes your mistakes will help to discover secrets and solve some riddles faster.


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GuiltyParade_DEMO-1.1-pc.zip 408 MB
GuiltyParade_DEMO-1.1-mac.zip 391 MB

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FULL ENGLISH GAMEPLAY without comments (by Andrea Pannocchia)

Hey I really want to play your game but I have a mac and the game files are only for windows, linux and pythonlib even though your link shows that it works for mac. I set my system preferences to allow unidentified apps but the link still doesn't work. If you have time, can you try to fix it? 


Thank you for your patience! We have uploaded a new version for Mac OS, so please try to download the archive and then run the application.

If everything is OK please let us know.

Thank you!


I finally found time to try the mac version again and it works! Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to fix the problem.