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Guilty Parade is an interactive Visual Novel with Point & Click elements. The full game consists of five episodes. The first one is presented in the free demo version (3+ hours of play). Currently, there are three episodes released (about 13-15 hours of play).



You wake up in a completely unfamiliar place without any memories of yourself surrounded by hostile soldiers. What is that like?

The male protagonist gets a nickname Nemo and is forced to investigate a cruel crime in exchange for the Commander’s patronage. To solve the case, he joins the elite squad of soldiers and he needs to get the trust of his comrades in order to find the culprit. However, what if the murder hides even more secrets and solved mysteries will only raise new questions? Will his new comrades become his companions or enemies?

► Two opposite sides of a military conflict
Nemo. A guy with amnesia. Under the Commander’s protection, he joins a squad of young soldiers to spy and then investigate a crime.
Lien. A child of war. He leads a completely different life in fear of being killed by black apostates and with desire to avenge the death of a dear person.

► Secret investigation of the mysterious crime and searching for clues
Find clues, make your choices and follow the story to find the culprit.

► Hybrid of two different genres: Visual Novel and Point & Click
In Guilty Parade, you can make important decisions and move independently around the camp, interact with objects and characters.

► The opportunity to build strong friendship bonds with quirky characters
The characters have a lot of unique features (both comedic and dramatic), habits and their behaviour is unpredictable (character profiles).

► A lot of meaningful choices affecting scenes you get
Nemo will have to not only investigate the crime but also learn to live in unknown world and decide which side he is on in the military conflict.


If you have any issues with the game or found a mistake please contact us: NozoriGames@gmail.com


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Such a great little game full of quirky characters, beautiful artwork, and intriguing mysteries! (I enjoyed it so much I wrote a reimagining of it as a writing exercise. You can read it here if you want: https://archiveofourown.org/works/42254949/chapters/106096458 )

Anyway, looking forward to episode 4!

Hello, may I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Wow, Guilty Parade definitely has a higher production value among indie VNs. Lots of camera movement, BGs, character PNGs

I have a question, what is the difference between the phone version and this one? 

The only difference between the mobile version and the pc version are the buttons.  It doesn't affect the story in any way.  However if you are planning on getting the paid version with episode 2 and onwards then I reccomend the pc version since its actually cheaper and I just generally like it more then the phone version.  At least it cheaper in the country I am in.  I am not sure if it is the same as the US or Russia.  (For reference in my country its 699 for the phone version and around 417 for the pc version.)

just finished playing the demo and it was really good! very intriguing, and liked all the characters uniqueness!


Выглядит интересно. Мне нравится идея взгляда на войну с двух сторон. Рисовка выглядит тоже довольно интересно. Приятно видеть что разработчики из России могут создавать что-то большее чем ещё моды для Бесконечного Лета.

Hey. So I can't open the secret door in episode 3. I looked at the clues and did the math but the code I got isn't working. Any ideas?


code is 84792

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this might have been talked about but is this available on apple? I typed it up on the App Store and I cannot find it. And will there be romance and IF SO can we choose whichever gender?

(I simply read the first episode and will definitely pay for the other episodes in the future, I am waiting until everything is out there because I am impatient when it comes to cliffhangers.)

It is available on apple, there is no romance so far but I highly doubt there will be in the future.  If you end up buying the future episodes I do recommend checking the price difference on each device in my country the pc version found on steam is significantly cheaper than compared to the one on my phone.

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I just finished playing chapter 3 AND OH MY GOD, I WAS NOT EXPECTING ALL OF THAT!!! It was AMAZING! The CGs look incredible and seeing how my choices ACTUALLY mattered and affected the game made me really happy (while also making me go 'oh god...' as I regretted some of my decisions) 

I love theorising and making predictions about what is going on as well as what's going to happen next. I'm also surprised to see that some of my predictions were correct BUT THE WAY THEY WERE SHOWN SHOCKED ME. GOD THAT CLIFFHANGER HAS ME WANTING TO PLAY EPISODE 4 ALREADY!

As always, phenomenal work with this great game! Can't wait to see what happens next!


Hello! Thank you so much for loving Episode 3, it's a great pleasure to us! 

We'd be extra happy if you duplicate your feedback on Steam, it really helps the game a lot ^^

Hi! When will Guilty Parade ep 3 be available to purchase on itchio? :o

I just finished playing episode three and must say I'm really loving the game so much!! The characters are all so interesting. I especially like Nemo, Yakov and Elias. 

Btw, I was wondering, will you be releasing a walkthrough at some point? I unlocked many of the CGs but am having trouble finding the rest of them.

Again, wonderful game, I'll be looking forward to chapter 4!! 🌸

Hello! Thank you very much for your support and kind words! We are so happy you like the third episode ^^

It wouldn't be fair if we show all the secret points of the game right away ^^ You can ask on the Steam community or our Discord channel other players to help you open all the CG arts.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yXaFFna

hello I would absolutely love to jpin your discord server! However the link is expired is there any chance you could renew the invitation link?

I just had one quick question, at episode 2 when we are supposed to find the key to the archive and so unlock the chest that is in the dormitory with the four numbers, it doesn't work? Which is weird because I have found the password but it just won't budge?


Which numbers do you use to unlock it?

8673 the numbers on the paper

This is wrong. Please use Oliver's hints to make up the needed number combination.


i played the demo and i liked it a lot but i don't want to buy episode 2 is there any website where u guys will release it for free



The game is not free (except Episode 1) as we need not only to work a lot but to hire a professional English translator, buy music tracks and pay for a living. You can support the game and we could continue working on this project.

hello!! i really enjoyed the demo :D

i was just wondering how much the episodes were going to be; i really want to buy episode 2 and hopefully the rest of the episodes too, but i'm not sure if i have enough money for it

Hello! Thank you very much!

The full game consists of five episodes. Episode 2 takes about 5-7 hours of play. It will be released on Steam on January 6 ($4.99). 

ah alright, thank you very much :D

I played the demo and thought that it was quite good. I am really interested in seeing how the story unfolds especially with the dynamic between the two sides. Good luck, and hopefully you will be able to successfully finish the episodes.

Thank you for the feedback!

What are the controls for windows/how can I save and access menu?

You can access the game menu by clicking the right mouse button or the particular button on the quick menu below the textbox (the game menu is available after a quick menu appearance during the interrogation scene).


Whoa love this game so much! The premise is interesting, the narrative is on-point and each character has their own unique personality! I love the point-and-click interactions, as well as the dynamic art and action scenes. The art is stunning and unlike most visual novels which usually induce sleep after a while (sorry not sorry), there was not a moment where I dozed off playing it! All in all I just want to say good luck with the development, cuz I'll definitely keep an eye out for this gem! Cheers!


Thank you so much! We are really happy you find the game interesting and fun. We try to release the 2nd episode as soon as possible.

I'm an unterested in war theme myself, like - zero interest, but I totally charmed by Guilty Parade - by the premise and it characters urgh. I love Nemo and Elias, the other char kinda interest to interact too. I can see how much you guy put effort in this game (and bravo the progammer!).

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Thank you!

We actually put a lot of effort to make a good game which everyone could enjoy. We are extra happy with your praise!


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I finished playing Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Dispair like 3 days ago.  I thought it was amazing. But then after 2 days I didn´t know what to play. So I went to Gamejolt to see what is new there (becouse I haven´t been there for a long time). I began scrolling down until I found this game that cought my attention. It was called "Guilty Parade". It looked awesome. So, I downloaded it aaaand I don´t regret it.

So. The first thing you notice even from the main menu is the style of this game. I actually really love this old WW1 looking style. Music plays really important spot in this category. I truly love the soundtrack. I can tell that everything is not created by you (for example when you are running towards the radio station, it plays a song that you can hear in mobile game "World Conqueror 3"......but it´s a little bit different......and there´s that one song you can hear in one of the Nutaku games-), but still it sounds like it belongs to this world you´re trying to create, and that´s important for the atmosphere. One of my favorite soundtracks are Villainous Treachery - Didtressed, Waltz of Treachery and Just As Soon. One last thing about style. I really like your style for drawing characters. The only thing I would like to highlight is that characters have kind of long necks, but I got used to it really quickly.

Oh, the story. I´m not much of a reader, but I fell for the story immediately. Like, it´s kind of wierd, becouse I can say that it´s not the most original story I´ve ever heard, but at the same time, I really love it.

I really like the characters. Yakov is the Nagito Komaeda of this story, Elias maybe looks little bit like a white version of Ciel Phantomhive, but his behavior is totally different, and Doris is me as a girl. Tom is amazing as well (these are my most favorite characters). Every character seems like a true and believable person. Even the protagonist. I really like that the main protagonist isn´t just someone soulless and mindless (and of course, I like that u can sometimes choose what will the main character say or do).

In conclusion, I was actually suprised that this game will be that good. I´m wishing it to grow more. I´m eager to play this for the second time once the full version comes out.

Good luck with the development.

PS: Emmmm, you can´t deny that the "when u press TAB" thing isn´t inspired by Danganronpa series, right? :3

Thank you for the feedback!

We do not claim that music tracks were composed by us (it is written in "Resources" section of the game).

We are happy you like the Demo!

(1 edit)

i played the english demo and i enjoyed it a lot! the point-and-click element really makes it all the more engaging. i'm really looking forward to playing the full game :)

Thank you very much for your comment!


Definitely a must play game for a bunch of friends!

The characters truly feel alive and offer so much to think about, and the story really intensifies and reflects the way times were back in the day. Despite its anime-esque art style(beautiful art by the way), I'd say the atmosphere had the right amount of charm and quirkiness that makes the world feel so real and the experience such a blast.

My friend Tony and I have been playing this game since the end of December, and we're hyped for this game to come out! 


Thank you very much for playing and your feedback! 

We are working hard to make the full game much more exciting!

Bro I hope this stays free

I freaking love playing it and honestly I got scared when blind boy(I forgot his name) almost got killed 


I mean I rEALLLLYYY like this game and the characters 

My favorites are

Edgy boy

blind boy

And Hans-

We are super happy you like the characters in Guilty Parade and find the story interesting. 

Thank you very much for your feedback!

No problem man

I look forward to the new update

And well I think I already figured out the case/murderer 

It's Yakov-


Thank you for playing!

Will the full game release on itch or just steam?

We plan to release it on Steam first and later on Itch too.

That is good to know, im glad that there will be an itch release. Thanks!

Very much I wait for this game since its first news about appearance. ^-^


Thank you!

i finally got around to playing the demo and it was a lot of fun! i've had my eye on this for a while so i decided to play it blind/without any prior knowledge - i was just as confused, fascinated, and astonished as Nemo was throughout the entire thing, which probably added to the experience :p

this game definitely shines most in its art direction, characters, and world-building: the really distinct artstyle stands out a lot, the backgrounds were super detailed i had to take a minute to gaze at it in awe, and all the animations and transitions really made for a cinematic experience; it honestly felt like watching a film unfold! everyone's dynamics with each other is hilarious and just- buckets of fun, and i've now decided that i would give my life to Elias (where's the surprise lol), Doris, and Tom (シ_ _)シ while Yakov is probably going to be my fav to tease. the world was pretty fascinating itself, giving away just enough intrigue for a demo. the war aspects were really well-done (suspicion! jails! water torture! guns!) and i'm really curious to know more about the black apostates~

the music fit very well with the scenes and setting, and the sound effects were just great and perfectly placed. and the gunshot when you click new game? 👌 the gui/menu being represented as folders and files were stunningly pretty and just really clever. letting the player walk around was probably my favourite part of the game; i admit i got lost a bit XD since you can still access the same doors even when you turn around, and there's so many wacky perspectives, it took a while to get used to. but overall very cool and i like zooming into the posters/paintings/items scattered around; it's a very nice touch :3 

if i had any complaints, it'd probably be... the script, a little bit? it's very minor but there are a lot of running sentences that can be difficult to read sometimes (to which they can be separated to be their own lines and/or reworded) (+ the occasional typo here and there) but to be honest, it's not all that noticeable? very easy to miss once you're absorbed into the game. i can probably list down a new notable ones /rubs chin/ the opening was a bit too fast too, i could barely read 3 names at once XD when choices come up, the screen greys out, which i really like, but the transition can be a bit slow? like, 1-2 seconds long, in my opinion :p but i can ignore it, it's fine. oh! and speaking of the choices- i like how subtle they are, and the massive consequences they have. being quiet vs cooperating with them can lead to extra torture or not. and getting voted to be jailed vs having a nice dinner with the squad were so different and unexpected, it was such a fun surprise.

can't wait to see how you guys will take the extra step in the full game! :D

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to know you like the demo.

You can send mistakes and typos you have found in the script to our e-mail: NozoriGames@gmail.com. We will definitely consider them. Sorry for inconvenience.

oh no, it's not an inconvenience at all! ^^

(1 edit)

WOW!!! I must say, I really like the game! It's so interesting and fun. The game is so ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL that I played Guilty Parade several times ! I want to know about characters more, especially about Yakov and Sam. The most unforgetable designe is Oliver's, he's amazing. Oh, I'm excited about art style.  The choises are really great!

Thank you very much! Do you plan kickstarter? 

Thank you very much for your feedback! We are happy you like the demo!

We do not plan a Kickstarter campain for now, but you can support us here: https://ko-fi.com/nozorigames


I love me a good choose-your-own adventure game, but the thing is you never quite know what you're gonna get until you start playing one. Thankfully, Guilty Parade hit all of the right notes and buttons and bells and whistles for me!

The characters are all amazingly fun (well, the ones I've met so far), the story is genuinely gripping, the art style is wondrous and to be honest I don't really think I could gush much more than this without people thinking I've been paid to write this!

All I can say is that if you're a fan of story-telling, decision-making adventure games, anime and goofy yet somehow still kinda serious characters then you need to give this a try right now!

Keep up the awesome work devs, this demo has been a true pleasure to play (and I haven't even made it to the end yet)! =)


Thank you very much for playing! We are happy to know you like the game!

i ABSOLUTELY loved the game! im really excited for the final product aah

Thank you very much!



I played the demo like three days ago and I must say, I really liked it. The atmosphere is great, you really do feel a bit lost and confused, as Nemo would be. Lien's story felt a bit empty though. With Nemo's being so full of mysteries and everything, it felt hard getting into Lien's and I mostly just wanted to go back to Nemo.

I haven't seen absolutely everything yet, but I like how choices feel like you can get events that can be very different, like when you can get locked up in the cell and you can feel it affects Nemo

Now about moving around. It's fine, but I found it hard because of the way you sometimes have to move. Mostly when you leave the staircase area but want to go to the grey/blue door. It's confusing to have to turn around and not even finding yourself in the same area you were in.

Characters seem fine, they all are a bit weird, but they're fine, I managed to find at least three I kinda liked (Elias and Yakov are great)

About the art. It looks great, but I'm disturbed by Oliver who's just anatomically weird. If it was intentional to give a fat neck and a fat belly but otherwise making him thin, great, I guess, but he's too weird for me to be able to look at him (it's mostly the neck though, really, since the face is what you look atat the most).

Sometimes necks are too long too, such as when Nemo is wet (and I think even with his new uniform). Those are just some mistakes I see and they're only disturbing because they're inconsistent (like if necks were always long, I'd be able to not think about it)

About the opening, too. I find it a bit fast. You present the characters two by two but I barely have the time to look at one and his name before they're both gone.

The menu music is great though

Otherwise I look forward to the game's development as the story seems interesting and I do hope it holds up to my expectations.

Good luck to you

(1 edit)

Thank you for your comment and interest! 

We are happy to know you like the game and will consider your thoughts.

(2 edits)

FULL ENGLISH GAMEPLAY without comments (by Andrea Pannocchia)

Hey I really want to play your game but I have a mac and the game files are only for windows, linux and pythonlib even though your link shows that it works for mac. I set my system preferences to allow unidentified apps but the link still doesn't work. If you have time, can you try to fix it? 


Thank you for your patience! We have uploaded a new version for Mac OS, so please try to download the archive and then run the application.

If everything is OK please let us know.

Thank you!


I finally found time to try the mac version again and it works! Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to fix the problem.