For more than three weeks, the second episode has been available on Steam. We are very sad writing this post. Unfortunately, our game does not sell well, and if the sales do not drop again, then at such a pace we will hardly be able to cover our investments only in a year. And we do not even know if we could earn on the English translation of the third episode. There is no question of any minimum payment for our work.

We did everything we could to promote Guilty Parade at least a little: we have made a long demo with a huge amount of content, constantly talked about it everywhere, spent a lot of money on advertising, drew arts for Twitter and other SM, regularly reported on the development progress, sent Steam keys to influencers and much more... Now we are completely exhausted, and all our money ran out.

Even on one pirate site, our game has much more downloads than the sales on Steam. We have nothing against piracy and believe that many people like the game, but, unfortunately, only a very small percentage of them are willing to pay for it, although we set a very low price.

What to do now is not yet clear. There is no reason to hope for the best as all the sales are dropping every day.

We cannot launch Kickstarter or Indiegogo, because we live in Russia and all our accounts are from there too. Therefore, we decided to open a fundraiser for the English translation of the third episode of Guilty Parade on Ko-fi. If you have pirated the game and are waiting for the continuation, then we will be very grateful if you will at least support the future development. For every $100 raised, we will add 1 new CG (illustration) in Episodes 1-2. When donating, be sure to write your name which we put in the credits of the game.


And we would also like to say thank you very much to everyone who supported the game by purchasing it. You are the best people in the world, thanks to you we still do not give up and do not lose faith in the project.

Sorry for the whimper, but you probably should be aware of it. We want to be honest with you as much as possible.

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I hope everything will be alright. I bought your game on steam, cause I know small indie developer is very tight on budget, and I can relate :')

Thank you very much! <3